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John Beralas,


Master of Science in Professional Counseling 

Grand Canyon University 

Aloha, my name is John Beralas and I have been working in the field of counseling and substance abuse for 5 years. I have a Master’s of Science in Professional Counseling with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy and I am currently completing my hours towards a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. I was born and raised on the island of Kauai. I enjoy going to the beach, playing music, traveling the world, and studying the Bible. My greatest passion in life is to serve God through serving others.


One of the most interesting aspects of the counseling profession is that each client has a unique situation as well as a unique personality. It is my belief that due to the diversity of clients and situations that I work with, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach in regard to intervention. As a counselor, I bring a client-centered mindset while utilizing interventions and therapeutic strategies that best fit the client. I am a strong believer that therapeutic strategies and interventions are only as effective as the nature and strength of the counseling relationship. I believe that therapeutic interventions are more effective and significant when the client and the counselor are able to build a therapeutic alliance based on both professionalism and most importantly, trust. One of my greatest strengths as a counselor has always been my ability to connect with clients on their level. This means meeting the client where they are by putting in the energy and effort to get me on the client’s level. I believe that a lot can be accomplished in therapy when the client feels that they are not walking on their path alone but rather, someone is there to walk with them on that path no matter how difficult the path may be. Some of the ways in which I am able to do this is through validation and support. This means validating the client’s emotions and experiences as well as, providing support.


Another way that I am able to connect with the client on their level is through my personality. More often than not, I find myself genuinely enjoying the process of hearing a client's story of their life or situation. This unique personality of mine is what keeps me emotionally present at all times as well as, genuinely invested in the client and their life story.


In addition, I am also able to provide Christian-based spiritual counseling if it is deemed appropriate and welcomed by the client. I truly believe in power of God through his written Word and through the Holy Spirit as a means of healing, comfort, and encouragement. I strongly believe that we will endure hardships in life that will seem almost “impossible” to resolve, but it is when we put our trust in God and his Word that no problem is too big for God to handle. The Apostle Paul knew this and he knew that the greatest remedy for life’s greatest challenges and afflictions were found in and through the power of God. Phillippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”


  • Substance Abuse 

  • Teens/Adolescents 

  • Christian Counseling

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